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Renting a flat in Islamabad

Whether you’re looking to rent property or find tenants in Pakistan, post all of your rent related queries in this section for expert advice.
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Renting a flat in Islamabad

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Many of us prefer to live in serene, quiet locations and enjoy natural surroundings. In Pakistan, perhaps the best city to do so while remaining within a modern setting is the planned federal capital, Islamabad. The city ensures comfortable and trendy accommodations for buyers, investors and tenants alike – but for tenants in particular there is good news. The trend of leasing flats in Islamabad is on the rise, which gives tenants more options to choose from when it comes to renting a property.

If you are interested in finding a flat for rent in Islamabad, let me guide you regarding the average rental prices of studio, 1-, 2- 3-, or 4-bed flats in certain popular parts of Islamabad.

Sector F-11

Let’s begin our analysis by discussing rents in Sector F-11. According to rental search trends recorded by Zameen.com, F-11 was the most popular locality for tenants in Islamabad. In January 2015, the average rental price of a 1-bed flat in F-11 was PKR 52,000. Similarly, a 2-bed flat had a price of PKR 65,714 while 3-bed, 4-bed and studio apartments had average rents of PKR 80,357, PKR 115,000 and PKR, 51,000, in that order. Also, Zameen.com stats portray a more or less stable but positive trend in average rental prices of all flats in F-11, with the average rental prices rising by the following percentages since January 2014:

Bed Group % Increase in Average Rental Price
1 Bed 23.81%
2 Bed 9.52%
3 Bed 7.14%
4 Bed 4.55%
Studio 22.62%

Our rental search trends show that Sector G-11 was the third-most popular locality for renting in Islamabad. In this locality, the average rental price of 1-bed flat was PKR 12,000, while a 2-bed flat could be leased for an average monthly rent of PKR 34,000.

Because it is the fourth-most popular locality for rental accommodation in Islamabad, taking a good look at Sector F-10’s rental market is essential. In January 2015, the average rental price for a 2-bed flat in F-10 was PKR 65,556. On the other hand, the average rent of a 3-bed flat was PKR 91,364 while a studio apartment was being leased out for PKR 40,000 a month.

Fifth among Islamabad’s rental search trends was Sector E-11. In this sector, 1-bed flats were being rented out for an average of PKR 16,000 per month in January 2015, while 2-bed and 3-bed flats had average rental prices of PKR 26,176 and PKR 42,800, respectively. A studio flat, on the other hand, could be rented at an average rent of PKR 17,750.

Now that you have enough information on hand, you definitely know where to look in Islamabad in order to find a feasible flat for rent. And if you are an investor, you know where to buy to get the best monthly income!

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